Sunday, October 12, 2008

Copyright Policy

Now that we discussed fair use within the schools, how do we ensure that these guidelines are being implemented. One way is to create a copyright policy within the school. Why would we want to do that? So that our school understands what is expected when it comes to copyright. This will give the students, teachers, and administrators a specific idea of what the law is and how it is to be upheld. It will also help to set standard consequences if the policy is broken. It should be made known to the school community so that each member understands the importance of copyright. Do any of your schools have a copyright policy in place? Does it work? Do people know about it? I would like to have feedback on what is happening in your schools.

Here is a link to several school's copyright policies:


Regina Carvin said...

Hi Brandi, My school has a copyright policy in effect for copy cats, the copier room that services the entire district. Materials submitted through there have a higher scrutiny level, but no one is at the copy machines or watching over your shoulder. At the first faculty meeting there is a brief one sentence disclaimer "Follow the rules when copyrighting material.". Pretty vague if you ask me.

Aimee said...

Thank you for posting the Jeffco site of "permitted" and "not permitted" copyright information. This type of format is easy to understand and makes sense...a good tool to present to teachers.